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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 17, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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several miles in san jose. t several miles in san jose. t includes a shootout with po. l on the a wild and dangerous crime spree over several miles. includes a shootout with police. an armed suspect still on the loose. rocket fire between israel and gaza appears to be quieting down. doppler radar tracking more rain in the bay area. plus a look at thanksgiving outlook with the pinpoint forecast. >> good eke. a series of robberies. a high speed chase and a gun battle with police. while one suspect was arrested another armed suspect is still
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on the loose tonight. how neighbors helped catch one of the gunmen. >> our primary focus is getting the second guy in custody. >> reporter: this is how it ended for one of two men accused of shooting a police officer last nigh. hiding in a neighborhood that's spent two hours on lock down. >> it was crazy. it was scary. >> reporter: police say the men went on an armed robbery free hitting up businesses and people at gunpoint. police are also looking into the possibility the two were involved in a murder. >> violent suspects. both armed with firearms. we had a pretty good idea of what the vehicle looked like. >> reporter: police spotted it around 9. one of the suspects got out and started shooting at the police car. >> the officer was forced to duck down for cover. several rounds hit the car.
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one of the rounds struck the officer's oc canister. now the car is kohnstamm mated with pepper spray. >> reporter: another officer in another car started shooting at the suspect. one of the men got out of the car and got away. lost in a busy area of cars and businesses. >> out here walking at night and next thing you nobody know somebody is getting shot. and they still take off. >> reporter: the other man led police on a chase before crashing into this fence, getting out and running several blocks into this home. a family was inside. they ran out and flagged down police. this family lives two doors down. >> watching everywhere. it was scary. >> reporter: after about two hours police talked this man out. bloody from the shootout with police hes hit twice. the other man is still on the
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loose. police have not released the name of the suspect still at large. they say they're going to do some good old fashioned police work. if that doesn't work they'll go to the public for more help. >> late tonight san jose police released the identity of the officer who shot at suspects. police have yet to identify the injured officer. heavy rain may be to blame for an accident involving a cruiser. the crash happened around 10:00 last night on highway 101 near the west railroad avenue exit. the squad car was found upside down and was heavily damaged. neither the officer or anyone else was injured: rain is beginning to let up right now. let's check in. >> this cold front has been slicing through the bay area from the north to the south. you'll notice as it begins to fall apart at the seams.
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from oakland into hayward and union city. dublin you have rain drops on the rooftops right now. all the way back into san lee an doe. another look throughout the tri valley. light to moderate rainfall. that's that nasty 586 corridor that's extremely dangerous when wet. rain continues to fall at this hour. we'll pinpoint who the rain will let up. that's coming up straight ahead. >> track the rain in your neighborhood any time of day you can find the cbs 5 high def doppler radar. some people may not get much sleep tonight. this weekend's rain is a threat
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to a crumbling hillside. neighbors are living on the edge. >> reporter: they have the straw bails in place. they've done what they can. until this hillside stabilizes every little bit of rain keeps folks on edge. continuing rain with heavier showers has folks in this neighborhood worried. they've dodged one bullet from too much water and are bracing for another. last week's mud slide following a reservoir spill left a street of mud and damaged cars. since then the city has cleaned up the street and placed straw bails on the edge of the hillside. a water department chief plans to spend the night here making sure the drains remain pope a this house is close tots mud slide. this owner says he's confident the city is doing the job. >> i hope it's going to hold
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up. if the rain is going to be too strong i have my doubts. >> reporter: are you prepared to leave in a hurry? >> every time, yeah. just a moments notice. we're ready to move out. >> reporter: right now we're enjoying a bit of a lull in the rain. confidence is high. maybe tonight won't be so nervous. there's a lot of rain yet to come. >> thank you so much. weather may have played a factor in a collision between two police helicopters. six people were injured in a crash. police say one chopper was landing, another was taking off when the two collided. the victims are being evaluated at hospital. it's believed they're all police department employees. shortly after the coast guard called off its search for two workers missing after an oil platform fire divers found a body near the site.
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the fire erupted yesterday along the gulf sent an ominous black plume of smoke into the air. workers were using a torch to cut an oil line. four workers were severely burned. the accident was reminiscent of the 2010 deep water horizon explosion that transformed the oil industry and life along the gulf coast. >> when something like this happens it tears at everyone's heart. it's just a horrible day. we're going to heal together. but first and foremost we have to make sure those were involved. >> two men remain in critical condition. two others are in serious condition. we're getting word of a lull in the rocket fire between israel and hamas. cease fire efforts begin to gain momentum. israel says it has launched nearly 200 air strikes against
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targets in gaza. gaza says 12 people were killed there today. so far 42 palestinians have been killed as well as 3 israeli civilians since the fighting began. there's no indication that either side intends to back down. >> reporter: only hours after it was set up this anti-missile battery intercepted a long range rocket fired gaza. five such batteries are being deployed as three more are being rushed into production. in an expansion of the air war against hamas the israelis struck the movement of the prime minister overnight. attacks were aimed at other parts of the political structure including a building where the cabinet meet. gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.
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more than 40 palestinians have been killed. at least half of them civilians including women and children. this girl who was pulled from the rubble appears to be alive. hamas released this video they claimed was their rockets being launched. apartment buildings were hit by four of them. hamas is getting a political boost from visits like this one today. called on the international community to help stop what he calls this blatant aggression against our families, our citizens and our brothers in gaza. the israelis insisted their actions are purely defensive and warn hamas is risking an escalation in the conflict. there is an international effort to work on a cease fire. >> back in the bay area.
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friends and family are preparing to say good-bye to a san jose marine. he was killed not in the line of duty but by police officers. >> reporter: the 22-year-old marine was killed by police in the early morning hours of saturday november 10th. corporal alan devillena was planning on going to college. >> my son was a great kid. well loved. had charisma. his uppers in the marines. they just love him. everybody. he's worked different platoons and the battalion. >> reporter: police say devillena and a fellow marine were confronted by officers. police say they had talked with marines about public box case. they say the marine attempted
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to drive off. the car struck the other officer before crashing. both officers fired their guns, killing devillena. >> they didn't have to use deadly force. this wasn't a situation to where it had to come to a wrongful death. >> reporter: there's no evidence that the driver shot at the officers -- >> the actual chain of events happy led up to the officer using their weapons is under investigation. >> reporter: devillena says his son answered the call to serve his country. >> a young man who went to afghanistan, came back untouched. was safe in afghanistan. came back to get killed by two macho cops. >> reporter: a funeral is scheduled for wednesday morning at 11:00 a.m. the family says there will be full military honors and the public is invited. >> the fiscal cliff is
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threatening the holiday shopping season. fans not so happy when a well known comedian has a meltdown. what made his own security detail drag him off stage. ,,,,
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president obama as the holiday shopping season approaches the push is on to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. president obama urged congress to take action. the president said he had a constructive meeting with congressional leaders. republicans insist that reforms to entitlements must be
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considered. the stock market its first gain in four days. even with more shopping days this year, during the holiday season it's hard to find the spirit of christmas when the fiscal cliff looms over. retailers are trying new strategies to bring out shoppers. >> reporter: as in years past with elbows sharpened and smart phones in hand, shoppers are getting primed for black friday. the most analyzed day of the retail year and the holiday season opener. the good news for retailers, an early thanksgiving means the season is longer with 33 shopping days. but the economy is still sluggish and washington atmospherics have rattled consumers. >> retailers are concerned. in a recent survey, 72% of consumers say they were changing their shopping patterns as a result of the
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uncertainty over the situation. >> reporter: also dampening the forecast is superstorm sandy. nearly 5 million households will have to curb spending this year. retailers are going all many. already aweing discounts. and like last year some stores will start opening on thanksgiving at midnight. with walmart, target, sears and toys r us opening even earlier in a fierce competition to get the very first shoppers. >> retailers know after many black fridays that typically the place where the person shops first is the place where they spend the most money. >> reporter: last year a quarter of all black friday shoppers were in the stores by midnight. >> get ready to see lots of people on the roads this thanksgiving. there's expected to be a slight increase in holiday travelers in the bay area and throughout the state. triple a predicts more than 5.4
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million californians plan to travel 50 miles or more for the weekend. sfo and san jose airport expect to see more travelers this year. stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, a whole bunch of calories. so why not go for a run before you eat it all? for the first time ever organizers are putting a limit on how many runners can take part in the silicon valley turkey trot. the run raises money for several bay area charities. hopefully we'll have a dry day on thanksgiving. >> that's always so much fun heading out for the turkey thereto. people dress in costumes. when you dress for that, right now we're not looking at any rain on thanksgiving. good evening everybody. it's live. green on the green screen means
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you need that umbrella. we see east of the bay stretching through heyward all the way into looks like pretty much bombburg we have light to moderate rainfall at this hour. heading north and south. you match one that corridor at 580. always very slippery when wet. meanwhile we look at more rainfall. pretty much that is encompassing the area. if you have a repeat. woodside, santa cruz mountains where she cells that have been rolling across the mountain ridge there. some rain is moving out and heading due east into the bay. we'll be making tracks. so far today up to 4 and 5:00 p.m. nearly seventh tenths of an inch of rain in napa. look at that healthy amount in san francisco. over .6. that is not including what has
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spilled on the bay area this evening. the tech museum, currently we have an air temperature of 59 degrees after realizing a high today of 66 which is a couple degrees actually above normal. tonight into the 40s and 50s. a little cooler with the cooler air mass. showers in the overnight hours. a few showers tomorrow morning. a relatively dry afternoon. that seven day outlook still straight ahead. we have an area of low pressure. nevertheless, we had some good looking rain return as it sliced from the north to the south valley. just as scattered showers
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tomorrow morning. that's about it. how does this come into play? postly cloudy. a lot of unstable air mass. chance of a shower in the forecast at 64 degrees. winter weather advisory in effect till 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. snow, up to a foot above 7000 feet. couple of inches at lake level. chance of rain by monday. tomorrow under mostly cloudy sky and a chance of a shower. everybody's number is pretty close. anywhere from about 59 to 65 degrees. that'll be your outside number. north of the bay again 50s, 60s. extended forecast. mostly cloudy each day. monday through that get away wednesday. a daily chance of a rain shower. except for thanksgiving right
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now. >> thank you. fascinating and delicious world of moll lucks. how these students are helping lay the ground work for a new generation of san francisco bay oysters.
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allegedly beating a fan in oakland this week, the funnn didn't impress the crowd at oracle arena last tough night for comedian katt williams and his fans. the funny man didn't impress the crowd last night. >> that's what makes me real. i ain't trying to be something. this is all i -- >> williams delivered a rambling monologue without jokes. he eventually had to be dragged off stage by his own security after he challenged a heckler to a fight. fans took to twitter soon after demanding a refund of up to $100. they claim the show ended after 10 minutes. wednesday williams was arrested after a fan say the comedy star hit him in a head with a bottle. volunteers from richmond high today helped out with a project to help restore native
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oyster habitats. see those tiny specks on the surfaces of the bricks? they're called baby oysters. they have been in the bay since august. oysters spawn. the students are counting and measuring. >> these are from seven different areas. we're trying to see what sites are before recruitment sites. then we can focus our efforts on the sites. >> the students are a part of the aqua team. they take part in environmental restoration efforts. you can't find twinkies in the store. try going online. be ready to pay a hefty price. a box of 10 twinkies was roughly $5. you find it on ebay for three boxes for $300.
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that's $10 per twinkie. yesterday hostess announced its plans to close its doors forever. >> i had 5 twinkies at home, well, when i left the door. what a day in college football, folks. stanford tries to upset number one oregon. we'll tell you what happened in a moment. ,,,,
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i am still trying to wrap my head around tonight. the number one and two ranked college football teams lost. and stanford had a big hand with one of them. let's start the minute. straight to overtime. stanford's defense forced oregon to kick a 41-yard field
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goal. hits the upright. now stanford scores they win. back to pass. play action. loose ball. who's got it? wild scramble for it. stanford catches a break. they get the ball back. that would set up a big one for the kicker jordan williamson. he missed the field goal to win the fiesta bowl last year. he hit it from 37 yards here. stanford a stunner. they beat oregon. number one kansas state bit the dust. baylor running back lake seestorn. 80yards. like you drew it up on the board. touchdown. right now in the fourth they lead 20-7 over byu. and looks like they are on their way to their ninth win of
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the season. >> i think we have to do weather from a san jose state football game. >> look who's going to the football field. that's it for our news at 10. thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00. more sports on cbs 5. good night.
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